* This document isn't a storefront management guide. For instructions on how to operate your on-line shop visit the corresponding companies sites.

Your plan may allow you to create an online store with our online shop builders and manager:

version 2.1
osCommerce is an open source e-commerce solution
and is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


Creating an Online Store

To get at the page where you can start with building your on-line store, select OsCommerce E-Ecommerce from the Qick Access menu:

Then, pick the domain on which you intend to enable shopping cart and launch the wizard by clicking the button to turn on the cart.

When you launch osCommerce, you'll be prompted to select from the existing MySQL databases or create a new one to be used for your online shop:

The same is true of MySQL user.

WARNING: Assigning a previously created MySQL database for use by osCommerce will clear contents of all its tables.

The databases used by osCommerce will show among your MySQL databases marked as "(Locked By osCommerce)".

You can manage osCommerce databases with any MySQL GUI client or the built-in phpMyAdmin control panel.
* For more information on MySQL please refer to MySQL Support chapter of this manual.

When you are through with assigning MySQL DB and user to manage it with for your osCommerce on-line store, set permissions to "admin" directory (INFO -> Quick Access -> Web protect). This is done to restrict the access to osCommerce configuration.

Finally, let's look at your osCommerce e-shop contols integrated to your account control panel: