Having your own data center offers more control over your environment than cloud hosting, which is a big enough advantage for many companies. Having all your data, servers, and their full functionality in your own control provides unlimited options for setup and configurations of your systems, though it also requires a full staff of DBA’s. network specialists, operators, a generator, and many other expensive components to keep things running.

We have run across several instances of flooding in an area where water seeped up through the concrete floor and into the data center. Of course this can be a real disaster. Many companies install tiled floors up on metal frames with all the wiring run below the flooring and place the wiring in waterproof conduits to keep the wires dry even in the event of flooding or other water issues.

Raised Floor

In a few of the instances where there was water under the floor, dampness remained and a mold infestation eventually showed up. In one case, some business acquaintances in Richmond, Va. had the entire underside of the tiles get covered in mold after a bathroom sink ran all weekend pouring water which seeped under the tiles unbeknownst to the operators that were there. A janitor finally stumbled on it and turned off the sink and mopped out the bathroom but didn’t realize the water has seeped under the door and poured down through the floor tiles. It was such a mess they had to call a mold remediation and removal company in Richmond Va. to have it dealt with. They tried to do it by hand but the efforts kept making the problem worse.