We are a group of network and data center guys who love talking hosting, wiring, and general IT stuff. We are considered geeks by most, but consider that a compliment. We have a wall full of certifications between us. There are five of us, one single and four married, three with kids. A couple of us have quite a bit of experience with marketing also, which is unusual for IT guys.

We have a cloud-based data center and a diverse set of friends and customers. The purpose of the site/blog is NOT to sell anything, but rather to have discussions and educate companies on the ins and outs of moving from physical to cloud-based data storage, database options, hosting options, and even the buildout of your own data centers if you are so inclined. We have a ton of experience with putting these things together.

We have an initial set of categories the posts might fall under, but this is very fluid and I”m sure will change over time. We hope to have some deep IT related discussions.